Abdul Aziz Ibrahim A. Bin Nahedh

As we bring Al-Boayz Trading Company into the sector of Building materials, I am Confident of a strategic positioning that will provide unbeaten quality to our customers in the contracting segment. With Al-Boayz Co., we look forward to scripting a growth story that addresses the needs of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia buildings and tap the unprecedented potential

Al-Boayz successful execution of projects for the past 45 years has taken the company from a partnership firm to a niche player in the general contracting sector. Adding further value, Al-Boayz shall continue to upgrade systems and processes to cater to this growing sector, meeting the quality and service standards of existing and new clients. An integration of our corporate practices and adoption of relevant contracting best practices will fortify the Companys processes.

We would like to highlight Al-Boayz rich experience to execute larger projects, backed by our strong financial capability. Our long term vision for the Saudi infrastructure sector will assist the Companys readiness to meet market requirements, and excel in the building materials space.

Human Capital

Our past achievements are a direct result of the dedication and efforts of our employees, who have shown unflinching commitment and drive towards excellence, leading to this phenomenal growth. We have been able to implement our expansion strategy, owing to the dedicated efforts of this team.

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

We look forward to extend this philosophy to the work culture of Al-Boayz Trading Company.

Finally, I would like to thank our clients for their trust and support to make this strategic partnership a successful one. I believe that our commitment to excellence will be reflected in this union, creating a successful venture.

Al-BOAYZ Trading Company Overview

Al-BOAYZ Trading Company prides itself for its abilities in providing valuable general building materials to our clients.

Utilizing Al-BOAYZ Trading Companyís products early in the building process allows the entire staff team to create the most efficient, cost effective, sustainable contract possible.

Our products and services include:

  • construction materials
  • Steel products
  • Solvent products
  • industrial projects

We look forward to the development of building materials in the world community to achieve that commitment as we restrict ourselves to respect the consumer in AlBoayz Trading Co. Ltd. take responsibility in the development of a variety of products and carry the confidence of our clients distinct.


What We Do

Al-BOAYZ Trading Company

Our distinction extends for more than twenty years of history which is packed with accomplishments. Al-BOAYZ Trading Company was established back in 1977 as a small exibition in Dawadmi, and we had been expanding ever since throughout the Kingdom from our head office in Riyadh to cover other major cities, Jeddah, Dammam and Qassim.

Al-BOAYZ Trading Company includes several sections:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Home appliances
  • Building Materials

We are a leading company in the field of building materials with gypsum decoration materials such as the French gypsum, and Kenyan sisal fibre, and fastener tools and materials, such as nail and bolts, as well as hanging accessories for gypsum and false ceilings.

We are also distinct in the field of marble materials and tools: all kinds of marble and drill bits for masonery and marble pits: fixtures such as anchor bolts and nails marble grinding materials, and tools of cutting and grinding marble and iron from the world renowned European trade names.

Al-BOAYZ Trading Company are agents for the most famous European and Asian Companies:

  • OBO, Germay: fasteners systems
  • RUTTLUFF, Germany: Cutting disks, grinder disks for marble and iron.
  • SOLA, Austria: High quality, competitive price spirit levels.
  • DUSS, Germay: Demolition drill machines.

We are also authorized distributors for several other companies:

  • AFA, DECO and COCACO, Germany.
  • French Gypsum (PERSTIA and LAFRUG).

This in addition to a large number of African an Far Eastern companies.


Who we are

Al-BOAYZ Trading Company

Al-BOAYZ Trading Company includes several sections that cover all building materials requirments:

  • Projects section: This section carries out direct funding for projects and secures their needs. The section employs personnel of high experience in this field.
  • Dealers section: This section covers most major cities of the Kingdom (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Qassim).
  • Distribution section: which cover all small cities.
  • Paints section: Supplies and applies paints.
  • Showrooms section: Our showroom which are entitled BINANA Showrooms a large group of building materials in the field of plumbing; building materials; building tools and instruments; and paints.
  • This is a brief company profile. It does not cover the whole picture of Al-Boayz Trading Company Ltd.

    We hope that you will get the whole picture by dealing with us.